Health and Wellness Training to Support the Whole Person

KC Digital Wellness is a health-tech company that provides comprehensive information and resources to improve mental and physical health, through our learning platform.
Our content filled, easy to access dashboard of engaging health information, practical methods of self-care are available to promote a healthier person and work environment.

Our Well-At-Work Dashboard

Our dashboard aligns with businesses who seek solutions for a user-friendly software application for on-site or remote workforce. An interactive learning platform that is user friendly. A cost-effective program that is less than dashboards built from scratch. A secure system that reduces the risk of exposure to cyber threats. A learning platform that can be used for professional development and onboarding. A dashboard with modules and topics that are in line with their company culture and approach to health and wellness.

Get Solutions and Resources for your On-Site or Remote Workforce

  • Weight Management and Nutrition Guidance
  • Exercise, Yoga and Palates
  • Health Information for Diabetes, Cardio and Respiratory Management
  • Mental Health and Mind Body connections

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Productivity is one of the most vital parts of life, profoundly influencing our health, and mental well-being. Connect with a specialized support platform that teaches practical lessons for personal growth, purpose, and a desire for altruism (giving back).

Be Fit

Mindful Movement is a whole-body approach to exercise and wellness that involves various levels of ability and breathing to help with stress and anxiety and focus. More movement over time, gaining strength, improving range of motion and flexibility are benefits of our program.


Studies suggest that those who thrive at work tend to thrive in other areas of their lives, such as relationships, health, and personal growth. Feeling physically and mentally well overall allows everyone to contribute wholeheartedly to their job. This creates a unique responsibility and opportunity for a work environment that is positive and productive. Thriving is an indicator of personal and professional success, but it’s not just about making money. It’s about being fulfilled, challenged, and engaged in all you do.

Ergonomic Pain Management

Anyone who sits at a computer all day can get access to videos that address ergonomic pain. These videos teach how to maintain proper posture and avoid strain while sitting for long hours.

Exercise & Yoga Videos

Regular exercise can help with maintaining physical fitness and mental sharpness. Our dashboard provides access to on-demand videos that are available when you want to get a quick session in.

Mental Health Support Modules

Digital mental health training modules developed by our Behavioral Health partners can help with stress or other issues that may interfere with productivity on the job.

Sleep Management Resources

The Well-At-Work Dashboard provides the resources and guidelines for adequate sleep. Healthcare professionals recommend getting enough rest to benefit mental and physical health.

Healthy Cooking Videos & Recipes

Healthy eating habits can improve physical health and provide energy for your teams. Cooking and meal prep demonstration videos are some benefits of our digital program.

Virtual Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to be an effective tool in managing stress, anxiety, and burnout. Get access to virtual guided meditation sessions or videos.

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