Our Team

Kemp Creations, Inc. dba KC Digital Wellness, is a Woman Owned-MWSBE-HUB Certified Business. Our passion for holistic health and wellness is reflected in our approach of technical processes to provide comprehensive digital services that are easily accessible on one platform. Our team of skilled and ethnically diverse Administrators, Providers Partners, Data Specialists and Technical Service Providers are all honored to have this opportunity to give access to information, and services to support your health and wellness platform.

Our Key Differentiator is our Approach

We promote behaviors and outcomes for all participants by introducing our team as an essential “human” component of our Digital Wellness learning platform. Our Wellness Team understands the extensive requirements needed for daily operations to run smoothly in a business. Our services include professional development training that is well-rounded and culturally diverse.

Our diverse team of content writers offer a perspective of cultural sensitivity needed for a multicultural population. Our team has a unique understanding of the details and complexities that come with juggling day-to-day work and life. We offer professional development solutions to work through challenges and provide resources in a systematic and professional way.

Company Founder

Elizabeth (Liz) Bennett-Kemp serves as Founder & CEO of Kemp Creations, Inc. dba KC Digital Wellness. She has over 30 years of fitness and wellness experience and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Physiology as well as certifications in Yoga-200 RYT, Personal Training and Group Fitness. “I created this platform for anyone who is experiencing stress, burn-out, pain or those recovering from an injury and is in need of support that is convenient, cost effective and manageable.”

Behavioral Health Therapists and Contributor

Latrina Winford, MA, EdS, LPCS, LCMHCS is the Founder of Life Changes Family Guidance. Strategic partner with Kemp Creations, Inc., and Vice President of Behavioral Health-Digital Content
Learning modules that support professionals with Behavior Change Interventions and Self-Leadership. She uses learning tools, methods and planning to boost effectiveness, accountability and ultimately behavior and habit change.

Application Programing Integration and Contributor

Helen Pak-Harvey is the Founder & CEO of Wholistics Health. Strategic partner with Kemp Creations, Inc., and Vice President of Data Analytics.
Wholistics designed and built a Chatbot software to promote, monitor and record outcomes for general health, medical conditions, and overall wellness. This user-friendly Chatbot is a digital support tool delivered to the user’s mobile phone and provides evidenced-based tips in ways that promote engagement and positive behavior changes over time.

Certified Instructors

Our team of certified yoga instructors and personal trainers will guide you through practical video sessions of mindful movement that incorporate all levels of ability. Located in the U.S. and around the world, our diverse, compassionate instructors are relatable in their teaching styles. Relax from head to toe while incorporating mindful breathing, giving space to soften your body and calm your mind. Gentle movements and stretches give way to a restful night’s sleep and peaceful mornings. Stay grounded, stress less, improve mental performance, increase your vital energy. Take charge of your mental state when you go to work each day.

Our Staff

We are pleased to have a talented and diverse Customer and Technical Support team. Our Writers and Business Development teams as well as our Marketing Managers, all working together to give your organization the knowledgeable and compassionate support that your wellness program deserves.

Chairman of the Board

Darryl Dawson, a licensed professional Engineer, and technology business manager with over 45 years of industry experience in the management and execution of computer, electrical and electronic engineering projects in the national defense, transportation, sensing, and data communications markets. Key advisor for Kemp Creations, Inc.
Our diverse and talented Board of Advisors each have important roles in the growth and sustainability of Kemp Creations, Inc. We are proud to have their shared knowledge to lead our team.