Our Customers Are Those Who:

  • Want to establish a culture of wellness.
  • Have an immediate need and want simple implementation.
  • Want to add to wellness to their Professional Development training.
  • Want an accessible Learning Platform System for remote workers.
  • Want an economically sensible health and wellness dashboard.

Our Well-At-Work Training Dashboard is part of a platform of information and resources that are culturally sensitive and robust enough to meet our customer’s needs.
We follow the guidelines of Professional Development courses that are interactive, rewards based and measurable. By providing access to training, and offering preventative measures, health and wellness issues can be caught early to ensure better health outcomes and cost savings. Our Chatbot app sends out regular surveys and generates reports as a tool to measure and understand health outcomes and trends.

Government Agencies

KC Digital Wellness provides government employees access to the essential training that can be included in an existing Business or Professional Development program.  All entities of Federal, State, County and City Government Agencies can get access to resources and digital information for the health and wellness of their personnel and employees.

  • The NC Department of Transportation
  • The City of Winston Salem
  • Mecklenburg County
  • The City of Charlotte
  • The US and NC Small Business Association
  • The US Department of Education

    The Military

    As a member of the North Carolina Center for Optimizing Military Performance (NCCOMP) and a registered vendor with Sam.gov, Kemp Creations, Inc. dba KC Digital Wellness, partners with the Department of Defense (DoD) in areas of health and wellness to support active-duty service members.

    SAM.gov CAGE: 9P7X5   NAICS Codes:

    923120 Behavioral & Mental Health        611710 Educational Support Services

    812191 Diet & Nutrition                      923120 Health Program Administration

    519290 Web Portal Services                   621999 Physical Fitness Evaluation


    • NC Center for Optimizing Military Performance (NC-COMP)
    • The Geneva Foundation (The Future of Military Medicine)
    • RTI International-Military Health and Human Performance
    • NC Defense Technology Transition (DEFTECH)
    • NC Military Business Center

    Entrepreneurs and Support Organizations

    Direct support for Small Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurs by partnering with organizations that support them are at the heart of the services we provide to ensure that their unique needs are being met on all fronts. One of the most significant challenges of being an entrepreneur or a SBE is having to juggle everything by yourself.
    Unlike larger, well-established companies, small business owners have a multitude of duties and responsibilities that can be overwhelming at times.  We provide self-care modules, practical information, and resources on our Well-At-Work Dashboard.

    • Innovate Charlotte
    • Aspire Community Capital
    • The Institute for Minority Economic Development
    • The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte and Durham
    • Thrive High Point. NC
    • The US Black Chamber of Commerce

    Private Sector

    Building strong relationships with key decision-makers and offering comprehensive solutions to address the pain points of their workforce is vital to the success of our platform. By giving users easy login access to learning and Chatbot interaction, we are gaining a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and vision for a healthy workplace. 

    Our Well-At-Work learning dashboard demonstrates that a return on investment (ROI) can achieve by reducing overall healthcare costs, improving employee retention, and enhancing overall operational efficiency through healthy productivity. 

    We package application solutions for seamless integration with existing systems with an easy installation process. Our platform demonstrates a return on investment (ROI) businesses can achieve by reducing their overall healthcare costs, improving employee retention, and enhancing overall operational efficiency through healthy productivity. 

    Contact us for information about our seamless well-at-work dashboard integration package